Ice Baths

Cold Water Therapy

Our stock tanks are ideal for use as an ice bath. They are hard-wearing, easy to clean and with room to stretch out. Wake up your senses and improve your mood today!

They come in many sizes but we recommend 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft ovals for one person and larger tanks for group use.

Our tanks will never puncture, are easy to enter and exit and give you plenty of room to stretch out and move around to prevent a thermal layer. This will keep your cold plunge more intense.

Benefits of an Ice Bath

* Stress Relief
* Reduced Pain & Inflammation
* Increases Metabolism
* Heightened Immune Response
* Enhanced Mindfulness
* Improved Mental Fortitude
* Reduces muscle soreness
* Speeds up recovery from physical exercise

You should always consult your GP before attempting cold water immersion