Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

  • Refunds will be provided when a product has not met the reasonable standard or expectations of the customer. Refunds will only be issued within a week of the customer receiving the product. In the event of the product being returned to the company depot, costs will be covered by TubTanks. Returns are subject to disclaimers clearly provided within product descriptions.
  • Returns can be facilitated dependant on the reason of return. Acceptable reasons include faulty products beyond repair or exchange, if the product was vastly different to what was advertised, or proof can be made of accidental purchase. Returns that are faulty or different to what was advertised will have return costs paid by Tubtanks. Any accidental purchases or other reasons of return, the customer will be liable for the cost of courier to return the product.
  • Exchanges can be carried out for alternative products. Any products purchased with a lesser value will have the difference in cost returned to the customer. The customer will be responsible for organising and covering the cost for the return of the product back to the TubTanks depot. The product must be in the same condition when returned as it was when delivered. Any difference in condition may result in negotiation of payment. Any refunds or exchanges will be issued when the original product is received by the TubTanks depot.


  • Customers are entitled to cancel any order, within 24 hours of placing the order, with no cancellation fee applied.
  • Any order containing a stock tank that is cancelled after the 24-hour period will be subject to a restacking fee of £40.

After Sales Services and Guarantees

  • All products are guaranteed for a 6-month period after the initial purchase date.
  • Products under guarantee may be exchanged for an alternative identical product if there are non-repairable faults with the original.

Delivery of Products

  • The delivery period of products can range between 1-2 weeks of the purchased date.